Mr. Biden Stands for A Divided USA

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“In his 1st speech as president-elect, Mr. Biden made clear his intention to bridge the deep and bitter divisions in American society. He pledged to look beyond Red & Blue and to discard the harsh rhetoric that characterizes our political debates, he has don the opposite!”— Paul Ebeling

Mr. Biden is to blame for how divided the United States has become, a majority of respondents told a poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States and released Monday.

According to the survey 54.2% of respondents said that Mr. Biden is responsible for the current divisions in national politics, with 39.4% saying he was ”very responsible” and 14.8% that he was ”somewhat responsible.”

Just 45.9% said Mr. Biden has little to do with the divisions, with 12.6% saying he was ‘‘not very responsible” and 33.2% that he was ‘‘not responsible at all.

Most people moving from blue to red states and communities are looking for White, black and brown conservative neighbors.

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