Moderate Congressional Democrats Want Quick Deal on Small-business Coronavirus Aid

Friday, 15 moderate Democrats, the Key to their party’s control of the US House of Representatives urge Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to move quickly to replenish a fund to help small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, with “No Excuses” saying other party priorities can wait.

Both Democrats and Republicans did not end the stalemate that has lasted more than a wk over President Trump’s request to add $250-B to a small-business loan program know as PPP. Congress set up the program last month as part of a $2.3-T coronavirus economic relief plan, but it ran out of money Thursday.

Republicans are showing signs of wanting to ease the standoff over small business coronavirus loans, as reported the Top House Republican, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), said he will support adding money for hospitals to funding for small business.

President Trump is in support of the move. “Hospitals are a good thing. Hospitals have been decimated by this….Hospitals, I’m with that all the way,” he said.

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