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When you pull up a security in MetaStock XENITH, you get all the information you need on one full-featured screen. Quickly compare a security to the industry, see any related news, discover the most traded options, view recommendations from industry analysts, get a quick glance of earnings estimates and review growth over time… the lists goes on and on! Its all there, in one place.

Quickly dive into the market news you need

Powered by Thomson Reuters real-time market news, MetaStock XENTIH gives you the information you need in an organized and intuitive way. You can start in “Top News” then quickly drill down based on industry, country, exchanges, security, topic, asset class… and much more. You get the complete article, not a summary. Getting the news you want could not be easier. You will not find this level of comprehensive information with any other platform available to the private trader.

Search and discover your way

The search tools in MetaStock XENITH are almost unlimited in scale and scope. You can search on as many variables as you want and the response is fast and logical. Finding what you want to know about any of the over 70,000 companies globally is amazingly intuitive. Once you’ve found what you need, the FlexSheets in XENITH let you set up an interface that suites you and your market needs.

Discover developing trends as they happen

In the Equities overview window you can quickly put your thumb on the pulse of multiple markets. Advancing and declining issues are shown at a macro and micro level and you can view Stocks, futures, Indices, and more all over the world. Just select the country.

MetaStock XENITH by the numbers

Robust FX data package covering over 150 currencies. FX data is included in all data packages.
Reuters News included in all packages
Access cross asset data that influences the markets. View Global Equities, Futures, FX, Fundamentals and Economic data.
Quick intuitive search for finding relevant information and quick answers.

Sector and Industry group analysis tools to help you see movement in the markets.
Pre-built intuitive work-spaces to help you find relevant information for the markets you follow.
Your information moves seamlessly from one PC to the next.



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