Merkel Backs Macron in Kiss of Death Move

Merkel Backs Macron in Kiss of Death Move

The last thing any European politician would want is the blessing of the most hated leader in decades, Angela Merkel, but that is exactly what the socialist-liberal Macron was burdened with today.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that Emmanuel Macron would make a “strong president” for France, throwing her baggage behind the centrist favorite to win a run-off on May 7 against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Asked in an interview if Germany would accept future French demands that it increase its contributions to the European Union, Merkel said: “We will see. I can’t anticipate the discussions with the future French president.”

Macron has shown just how bad a leader he will be today, like a true socialist he banned the critical media for his campaign.

Russian state-funded Sputnik news agency and RT TV channel had been banned
A spokesman for Emmanuel Macron called the sites a ‘two-headed entity’
He accused them of issuing Russian state propaganda and fake news
A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman dubbed the ban ‘outrageous’

What Macron is hiding is his open door refugee policy and globalization agenda.

Macron fears critical reporting on these issues.

Macron is by no means a sure thing in this election, he is actually falling behind, a poll out this morning has confirmed the suspicion that French presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron is struggling to get his campaign off the ground for the second round on May 7.

The Elabe survey found that one out of every two people surveyed considered that Marine Le Pen had started well against just 43 percent for Macron.

Markets are not pricing in a significant political risk linked to the French presidential elections because the probability that the centrist Emmanuel Macron does not win the second round due on May 7 is very low, Amundi said on Friday.

“We think that probability that Mister Macron is not elected in the second round is very very low,” Amundi’s chief executive Yves Perrier told journalists.

Markets today are not pricing in a significant political risk”.

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