Medical Technocracy Made the Virus Chaos Possible

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  • Technocracy is an economic ideology built around totalitarian rule by unelected leaders that got its start in the 1930’s, when scientists and engineers got together to solve the nation’s economic problems
  • The word comes from the word “techn,” which means “skill,” and the Greek god “Kratos,” which is the divine personification of power. A technocrat is someone who exercises power over you on the basis of their knowledge
  • Evidence of technocratic rule has also become evident during the China virus chaos. The censoring and manipulation of medical information is part and parcel of the social engineering part of this system
  • The medical technocracy has lied to us about several things, starting with the risk of death from C-19 coronavirus. Based on deaths per capita, the global average death rate for C-19 is 0.009%. The average person’s chance of surviving this disease is 99.991%
  • Evidence that the technocratic fear propaganda is working can be seen in a recent poll, which found Millennials believe 2% of their generation will die from C-19 coronavirus

Patrick Wood’s book, “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.” Mr. Wood is also the editor in chief of Technocracy News & Trends.

As an economic system, technocracy is resource-based. Rather than basing the economic system on pricing mechanisms like supply and demand, the technocratic system is instead based on energy resources, under this system, companies would be told what resources they are allowed to use, when, and for what, and consumers would be told what to buy.

Former President Hussein Obama’s implementation of economic fines for those unwilling or unable to purchase health insurance can be viewed as an example of this system, in which you do not have the freedom to choose whether you want to buy a service or not. Your only choices are to purchase that which is mandated, or pay a fine.

The technocratic system requires, social engineering, which relies on massive data collection and the use of AI (artificial intelligence).

Technocrats have quietly and relentlessly pushed this agenda forward ever since those early days in the 1930’s, and signs of its implementation are becoming increasingly visible.

Evidence of technocratic rule has become evident during the virus chaos. The censoring and manipulation of medical information are part and parcel of the social engineering part of this system.

Instead of comforting everyone and opening the world back up when the death toll started falling, the narrative suddenly shifted focus to “cases,” meaning people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 regardless of whether they had symptoms. More cognitive dissonance, as the primary measure of disease threat is its lethality.

Now all of a sudden, this well-established medical term, “case,” has been completely and arbitrarily redefined to mean someone who tested positive for the presence of viral RNA. “That is not epidemiology, that is fraud.

Evidence that the technocratic propaganda is working can be seen in a recent poll by Harvard, Oxford and Universita Boconi, which found Millennials believe 2% of their generation will die from C-19. That is 10,000 X’s more than the reality. It is completely out of proportion to reality and in the Ozone.

The 2nd Big Lie is about the benefits of mask wearing. It is just a symbol of submission. The strongest argument for mask wearing is it sounds good. The strongest argument against mask wearing is it does not work period.

Surgical masks cannot and do not block the coronavirus or any other virus for that matter. Surgical mask boxes are even printed with the warning that the mask “will not provide any protection against COVID-19 or other viruses,” and “does not reduce the risk of contracting any disease or infection.”

The same goes for medical N95 respirator masks, as they only block particles larger than 0.3 microns. N95 masks are used in hospital settings to protect against tuberculosis, as the TB virus is 3 microns. You must wear the correct size, it must be properly fitted to your face, and you must follow certain procedures when putting it on and removing it to prevent cross contamination.

OSHA respirators, used by construction workers and other industries, also screen down to 0.3 microns, but they are equipped with a 1-way valve. So, it only screens the air coming in, not the air going out, you are in no way protecting others when wearing such a mask.

The suspicion that masks are little more than suppression muzzles also gains strength by the fact that lawmakers exempt themselves and certain categories of workers from their mask mandates.

2 examples are the Washing DC mask mandate, which exempts lawmakers and government employees. And in Wisconsin where the Governor has exempted all politicians from the mask order. If masks truly worked these workers would be prime candidates for wearing masks everywhere to prevent them from getting ill and dying.

Hang on, there is more: the 6-ft social distancing rule is also a lie. The JAMA Insights study reveals that emissions can reach 23 to 27 ft, a far cry from the 6-ft distance we are told will keep everyone safe.

Next is the biggest lie of all, is that lysosomotropic agents such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine do not work. Dr. Fauci has repeatedly stated that these drugs either do not work, that there is insufficient evidence, or that the evidence is only anecdotal.

Yet the National Institutes of Health (NIH) itself published research in Y 2005 showing chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread, actually having both prophylactic and therapeutic benefits. As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is a part of the NIH, since Y 1984, Dr. ‘Doom’ Fauci is well aware of these findings. But paid by outside interest to ignore and bemoan the facts.

As for what the motive might be for suppressing the use of hydroxychloroquine, despite all the evidence showing it works quite well when used early in the course of treatment. It is vilified because it is inexpensive.

Hydroxychloroquine costs $10 – 20 for a course of treatment, is already FDA approved, has minimal side effects and has been shown to cut the death rate by 50% when given early in the treatment of C-19.

Yet Dr. Fauci is pushing the use of Gilead’s (NYSE:GILD) remdesivir, an intravenous drug for late-stage severe C-19 infection that costs $3,600, has been shown to cause severe side effects in 60% of patients, it does not reduce the death rate. It just reduces the recovery rate by an average of 31%, or 4 days.

The reason we are not embracing hydroxychloroquine is because it could demolish the $70-B vaccine industry. That alone is enough of a motive to warrant a cover-up, yes?

That drug may also eliminate 1 of the most powerful leverages for geopolitical power that the technocrats have, that being biological terrorism.

People, if we know how to treat and protect ourselves against designer viruses, their ability to keep us in line by keeping us in fear vanishes.

The Psychological Manipulation Tools

Below are Psychiatry Professor Albert Biderman’s work on psychological manipulation and his “chart of coercion,” all of which are clearly related to the C-19 response:

Isolation techniques — Quarantines, social distancing, isolation from loved ones and solitary confinement
Monopolization of perception — Monopolizing the 24/7 news cycle, censoring dissenting views and creating barren environments by closing bars, gyms and restaurants
Degradation techniques — Berating, shaming people (or even physically attacking) those who refuse to wear masks or social distance, or generally choose freedom over fear
Induced debility — Being forced to stay at home and not be able to exercise or socialize
Threats — Threatening with the removal of your children, prolonged quarantine, closing of your business, fines for noncompliance with mask and social distancing rules, forced vaccination and so on
Demonstrating omnipotence/omniscience Shutting down the whole world, claiming scientific and medical authority
Enforcing trivial demands — Examples include family members being forced to stand 6 ft apart at the bank even though they arrived together in the same car, having to wear a mask when you walk into a restaurant, even though you can remove it as soon as you sit down, or having to wear a mask when walking alone on the beach
Occasional indulgence — Reopening some stores and restaurants but only at a certain capacity, for example. Part of the coercion plan is that indulgences are always taken away again, though, and they are already saying we may have to shut down the world again this Fall

The Key overt issues are:

  • The influence of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its largest funder, Bill Gates, and his many connections to the drug and vaccine industries, digital economy and digital tracking technologies
  • The curious similarities between the Gates-funded Event 201 and current world events
  • The consistent failures to create coronavirus vaccines in the past, as all trials revealed the vaccines caused paradoxical immune enhancement, which made the disease more lethal.
  • Dr. Fauci’s conflicts of interest

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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