Mayor Giuliani, “Polls Will Prove Wrong in Presidential Race”

Mayor Giuliani, “Polls Will Prove Wrong in Presidential Race”

Election polls are often wrong and they will be proven wrong again with the Y 2016 Presidential race, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday, while repeating a claim that GOP nominee Donald Trump will have a late October surprise coming in a few days.

“I’m sorry, I do not believe in polls,” Mayor Giuliani, a Trump supporter and adviser said on TV Wednesday. “Every election I ever won, I outperformed the polls. Even ones I lost I was down by 12. I lost by three. I was down by 4, I won by 4. I was ahead by 12, I won by 18. So I have always overperformed the polls. They have never been accurate in my case.”

Donald Trump’s numbers have flipped in Florida now that he’s spent 4 days there, he continued, as “he got his message out there,” and there is time left for him to spread out to other states.

Mayor Giuliani said is heading to Texas, and ridiculed talk that the western state could be tilting toward Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I just talked to one of my good friend in Texas that is the biggest joke in the world,” said Mayor Giuliani. “They cannot find a Hillary supporter in Texas or somebody who is willing to be a Hillary supporter in Texas. I will be in Texas tomorrow. Then I will go to Nevada, Colorado and come back through New Hampshire. And I will do my own campaigning. So, it will not be the 10,000 that Trump gets but maybe I get 2 or 3,000.”

And Donald Trump himself has a “surprise or two you will hear about in the next few days,” said Mayor Giuliani, repeating a claim he made Tuesday. “I mean, I’m talking about some pretty big surprise.”

Rudy Giuliani also spoke out about the looming price hikes Barack Obamacare is facing this Fall, saying he knew Barack Obamacare was a failure “from day 1,” and then President Barack Hussein Obama “lied to us” about keeping doctors and insurance plans.

“How could we possibly have believed, how can you cover people with preexisting conditions and have it cost less money?” said Mayor Giuliani, who said he agrees in covering such recipients, but not in lying to people.

“The whole financial basis for this program was done by a bunch liberal idiots who have never run a business, have never run an economic program in their entire lives. The rollout was incompetent. And now, it is a disaster.”

Also, the matter of deductibles is not considered by many people.

“It’s one thing to say your premium will go up 50%, another thing to say your deductible will be $5,000,” he said. “Who will use it? The only time I ever used that amount of money for healthcare, I had prostate cancer. Other than that, I’m not a young man. I do not use $5,000 a year in healthcare.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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