Massive Altcoin Gains Had On Coinbase Listing

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“A low-cap Ethereum token printed massive gainers last wk after being listed by Top US crypto exchange Coinbase“– Paul Ebeling

Coinbase Pro listed the altcoin Circuits of Value (COVAL) last Monday. The exchange then added retail support for COVAL on and its mobile apps Thursday.

COVAL is the Ethereum token behind the Emblem platform, which enables users to combine Ethereum (ETH), ERC-20 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create a transfer token known as a Vault.

Circuits of Value was up 1,288% on the wk after soaring from a low of $0.018 to a fresh all-time high of $0.25 on 11 December.

COVAL’s market cap, which hovered around $42-M on 5 December briefly skyrocketed past $414-M as the coin rallied to record highs.

COVAL has retraced since and is now trading $0.19 with a market cap of $348-M. COVAL is currently ranked as the 209th-largest crypto asset by market capitalization.

Circuits of Value is also trading on the crypto exchanges Uniswap and Stex.

Coinbase has listed lots of new altcoins in the past few wks. The exchange’s chief executive, said this past Summer that the company is working to add support for as many different cryptos as possible.

Meanwhile, KNIGHTS is trading comfortably above $700/ea with a market cap of $3.5-B+ setting up for a Q-1 move to $1,000.

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