Many Americans Believe this is the Most Important Election of Their Lifetime

Many Americans Believe this is the Most Important Election of Their Lifetime

37% of voters nationwide believe the 2018 Congressional midterms are the most important election of their lifetimes.

A national survey found that 52% of Democrats believe the stakes are that high along with 35% of Republicans and 22% of Independents.

55% believe that the Us is more polarized today than at any point in our nation’s history, and just 16% disagree.

These results may reflect current political rhetoric and media saturation more than thoughtful reflection. The nation was certainly more polarized during the Civil War and at other points in our history. Even the riot-filled 1960’s were likely more polarized than today, I remember them, and it is true.

However, voters displayed a sense of perspective when responding to a different question.

71% say decisions they make have a bigger impact on their life than policies of the federal government. That view is shared by 79% of Independents, 73% of Republicans, and 62% of Democrats.

While the national political dialogue has focused on the US House and Senate campaigns, there’s a lot more to Election Day at the state and local level.

Tuesday, voters will also elect 6,097 state legislators around the country.

Republicans gained nearly 1,000 state legislative seats during President Barack Hussein Obama’s time in office, and Democrats are hoping to win back some of those seats now that a Republican is in the White House.

22 state legislative chambers are rated as battlegrounds meaning that the elections could flip control of the chamber from 1 party to the other.

The analysis shows that 8 state government trifectas are highly vulnerable. A state government trifecta is a term to describe 1-party government, when 1 political party holds the governorship, a majority in the state senate, and a majority in the state house.

Trifectas at risk include 5 held by Republicans (FloridaMichiganNew HampshireOhio, and Wisconsin) and 3 held by Democrats (ConnecticutDelaware, and Oregon).

Looking beyond the state legislatures, countless local officials will also be elected Tuesday.

There are approximately 519,000 elected officials in the nation serving 87,576 official governing bodies. That includes everything from school boards and county commissioners all the way up to president of the United States.

Making and Keeping America Great, VOTE!

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