Many Americans Believe the Virus Vaccine Secretly Exists, They Do Not Trust the ‘elites’

Nearly 30% of Americans believe an already available vaccine to prevent the coronavirus is being withheld, and about 50% believe COVID-19 was created in a lab, a new survey has revealed.

The Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Project poll suggests a troubling mistrust as well as misinformation about the COVID-19 coronavirus.

According to the results, 29% said it’s either probably or definitely true that a vaccine that prevents coronavirus infection exists and is being withheld, while 32%, said they believe a treatment that cures coronavirus infection exists but is being withheld.

That’s a pretty dark type of thought to be floating around the public. There’s an undercurrent of a lack of trust in society, a lack of trust in elites,” the research director for the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, told us.

The survey of more than 6,300 Americans taken 2-8 April has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points.

In other findings:

  • 44% of Americans believe the coronavirus was probably created in a lab, while 56% said this is likely or definitely untrue. 50% of Republicans surveyed said they believe coronavirus was created in a lab, compared to 37% of Democrats who said they believed that.
  • 48% said the United States is “concealing” the number of coronavirus deaths.
  • 35% of Americans said they believe the coronavirus is probably or definitely being “exaggerated” for political purposes.

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