Make Healthy Eating a Habit

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Rule #1, never buy or eat junk food!“– Paul Ebeling

Covid 19 has affected lots of aspects of people’s lives. It is easy to let the anxiety take over and use food to cope but when this is over, you are going to be much happier that you did not give in to it. A more positive approach is to get into the mindset of guarding your health in every way possible. It goes beyond the hand-washing and social distancing. It is a focus to make your body as strong as it can be through a strong eating plan and exercise.

Eating healthy can make a difference in our immunity to disease. While research does not show how diet affects Covid-19 specifically, it does show that a healthy eating plan can strengthen your body’s defense to flu-like respiratory infections. Past studies show that exercise boosts immunity as well.

I want to share with you some tips for improving your immunity and strength, as follows:

The vitamins and antioxidants present in plants help fight off infection and inflammation. Volume and variety ensure you get the needed nutrients to boost immunity. Supplements do not provide for all the needed antioxidants. Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value as fresh and it may be good idea to keep some on hand.

Yogurt is a great source of probiotics that improve the guts microbes, therefore improving immunity. Go for the nonfat Greek variety for added protein as well. Same for sauerkraut.

Studies show that those that eat 3 structured meals a day have less obesity and better overall health. Focus on balance, each meal should have a protein source, a healthy carb, and vegetable serving.

Whether it is a glass of red wine or sweet treat, keep it to a couple times a wk.

For many people the normal lifestyle is fast and hectic, often we do not have much time to focus on taking good care of ourselves.

Take and use quiet time to focus on healthy self-care, to establish eating and exercise plans. For those that often do not prepare meals at home, add a frozen veggie to your takeout, spend time in the kitchen learning how to roast vegetables, make a healthy soup, or pan sear/oven roast a piece of salmon. I post my real food passions wkly in this column, have a look.

This VirusCasedemic will be pass, do let yourself emerge stronger and healthier than ever.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively