Majority of Americans See Law & Order as Major Concern

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Nearly 66% of Americans are worried whether law and order in the United States will remain in place at a time when racial protests and riots have raged through cities around the country, according to the latest Monmouth poll.

About 66% of adults said keeping the peace is a “major concern” and 35% called it a minor problem. That is compared to only 8% who said maintaining law and order was not a concern at all, according to the report.

Just after the death of convicted criminal while resisting arrest, George Floyd, 76% of people had major concerns about whether the country could keep law and order in place. Just 5 yrs ago, only 51% of Americans considered it a big problem.

Among respondents 48% thought President Trump would do the best job maintaining law and order in America.

Republicans and Independents with Republican leanings were the most likely to respond that peacekeeping and crime fighting are a major problem. About 60% of Black, non-Republicans respondents agreed it is a major concern.

Just 2 wks ago, under 25% of adults thought the behavior of protesters was fully justified. That is compared to June when 30% thought their actions were fully justified and 40% said they were partially acceptable.

The poll was conducted over the telephone and included 867 adults, with a margin of error of 3.3. percentage points.

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