Majority of Americans Support President Trump’s Travel Ban

Majority of Americans Support President Trump’s Travel Ban

Fully 55% of Americans surveyed said they supported President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban and his executive order to cut federal funding from sanctuary cities, according to new Morning Consult poll results released Wednesday.

And 38% and 33%, respectively, opposed our President’s directives.

In addition, 48% of those backed President Trump’s order to build The Wall on the US border with Mexico, 42% did not, and respondents were split on the president’s performance after 2 weeks in the White House.

Below are the results of the 2,070 registered voters surveyed by Morning Consult and Politico last Friday and Saturday, as follows:

Do you approve of President Trump’s temporary travel ban executive order?

Approve: 55%.
Disapprove: 38%.

Do you approve of Trump’s order cutting federal funds to sanctuary cities?

Approve: 55%.
Disapprove: 33%.

Do you approve of the order to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border?

Approve: 48%.
Disapprove: 42%.

Compared to a number of other high-profile executive orders President Trump has signed since taking office on 20 January, the travel ban is generally popular with voters, ranking behind his order to revoke funding for ‘sanctuary cities’ and another to freeze all federal regulations until his administration can review them.

Stay tuned…

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