Magic Eden made an exclusive partnership with the Solana wallet, Phantom. Both featured seamless, user-friendly, and flexible Solana dApp, with better integration will get a better experience on enhanced browser and mobile wallet apps, helping many Web3 users and existing NFT collectors.

The partnership comes to record and user growth across the Solana ($SOL) NFT market. In just 11 months since the first Solana NFTs was born, millions of users are using wallets to secure their NFT collections. In May, Magic Eden’s transactions on Solana have eclipsed OpenSea’s record on Ethereum. By integrating Magic Eden’s marketplace of 7,000+ items more closely with Phantom’s secure wallet interface, collectors efficiently access the fast-growing Solana NFT market to trade emerging and blue-chip.

The company introduced the Phantom wallet, receiving push notifications about their latest NFT bids and transactions on their iOS and Android devices. In another for the web3 ecosystem, users can also list NFTs exclusively on Magic Eden from their browser-connected Phantom wallet. There will be an additional feature and functionality in the coming months later.

“As an ecosystem, we are still early in exploring the full potential of NFTs. This partnership with Magic Eden will help us to continue to create new and innovative ways for our users to engage with NFTs. In Magic Eden, we have a like-minded partner that is focused on making the complex world of Web3 welcoming and relevant for everyone,” said Brandon Millman, CEO of Phantom. “We are in a unique position to collaborate on building the seamless user experiences that will be critical for NFT adoption into the mainstream.”

Zhuoxun Yin, Co-Founder and COO of Magic Eden, concluded, “Magic Eden and Phantom both recognise the need to build better bridges between the mainstream world and DeFi. Together, we hope to bring ease of use, convenience and more NFTs to the broader Solana community and provide stronger and more intuitive user experiences.

So far, UXs for NFTs have been geared towards crypto-natives and those with a deeper understanding of how to access digital assets. Magic Eden was created to change that paradigm and we are excited to work alongside Phantom to increase accessibility to this industry and tap into a new avenue of users who have been limited in participation, and bring more people into the world of NFTs and blockchain.”

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