Luxury: Personal Aviation Trends in 2022

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There is an increase in private jet ownership, and here are the top personal aviation trends this year“– Paul Ebeling

The personal aviation industry is booming and the VirusCasedemic forced aircraft manufacturers to think outside the box and equip themselves with solutions to help the business.

A Key reason for the uptick in personal aircraft ownership is the desire to continue personal or business travel in a safe and efficient way during these chaotic times. As, owning an aircraft opens new doors and provides people with the freedom to safely travel the world.

So, as the industry flourishes here is a look at the Top in personal aviation, as the personal aviation industry reaches new heights of luxury and tailored experiences, as follows:

Including the fuel issue, aircraft manufacturers are incorporating design aspects to improve efficiency. The Gulfstream G400, for example, equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW812GA engines and an aerodynamic clean-wing design is set up to consume less fuel while traveling greater distances. The HondaJet Elite S is another such aircraft that prioritizes sustainability by increasing fuel efficiency. It boasts 1 of the lowest CO2 emissions in the industry, while maintaining a smooth and luxurious ride.

The VirusCasedemic pushed travelers towards private aviation, and the need for safety measures against the virus remains a major concern. In this regard, aircraft manufacturers have stepped up measures to safeguard their customers by improving aircraft designs. One particular system that has seen massive upgrades in recent years is cabin air filtration. The Gulfstream G800, for example, features plasma-ionizing technology touted to neutralize 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, and odors.

Where private jet charters are concerned, a greater focus has been placed on sanitation efforts to safeguard passengers as well as staff. The charter companies are likely to continue cleanliness standards post-chaos.

And with backlogs ranging from 6-12 months owners are taking the opportunity to customize their jets.

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