Luxury Cambodian Hotel Is Leading Sustainable Hospitality

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The 1st thing you will be told about Six Senses Krabey Island, the new private retreat off the Cambodian coast, is that it is not a beach resort as the property’s beach is lovely but limited. But it exceeds many other expectations of what an ultra-exclusive tropical enclave can be in the Age of Sustainable Travel. 

Krabey is a hilly, forested speck 20 mins by boat from the Mainland, near Sihanoukville. Most of the 40 guest villas, each with its own pool, cascade down the sunset-facing side of the island, some tucked into the trees and others open to views of the Gulf of Thailand.

The resort makes heavy use of dark, craggy volcanic stone, the kind used in the temples of Angkor, and indeed many of the buildings have a silent majesty, as if they have been standing in the jungle for centuries.

The juxtaposition of sensitivity to the environment with absolute refinement was what is most unique about the place.

Excellent cuisine, warm and attentive service, thoughtful design touches, Khmer-style fabrics, a sensational soaking tub by the sea, everything is beautifully executed. But this is really the Cherry on Top of a rigorous devotion to waste reduction and responsible use of resources. 

In keeping with Six Senses’ overall mission (among other things, the company has committed to being plastic-free by 2022), Krabey aims to be as self-sufficient as it can: It produces its own eggs, drinking water, goat’s milk, and fruit and vegetables, and it turns food waste into animal feed.

Biodiesel, charcoal, and organic insecticide are also made on site, and there are plans to add glass crushing and paper pulping. The resort also works with local schools to teach the benefits of organic farming. 

Six Senses expects that its guests are as interested in their own longevity as they are in the planet’s. The resort rotates on the axis of wellness, with a 20,000-sqf spa offering a regimen of Western and Ayurvedic treatments and activities that can be personalized according to an evaluation by the resident naturopath.

Click here for Six Senses website and travel there virtually for now.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith, the world will reopen soon to travelers!

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