Looking After Your Pets This 4th of July, Keep Them Safe and Calm

Celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and festivities can be great fun for people, but can terrify dogs and cats. Pets often become frightened of the loud noises, and could run away and risk injury, or …

The hot Summer temperatures, the potential to eat unhealthy human food from the grill, and the inherent danger of explosive debris landing where pets play may spell disaster for our animals.

According American Veterinary Medical Association, it is good practice to take precautions to ensure their safety.

This is what to do in advance:

Make sure all identification tags are up-to-date with the names of the pets and your contact information.

Talk with your veterinarian about microchipping your pet. This simple procedure increases the likelihood that if your pet escapes, he or she will be returned.

Take a current photo of your pets in case you need to put up posters.

A Thundershirt.com comes a variety of shapes and sizes that help ease pet anxiety by gently applying pressure, much like a soft blanket quiets an infant.

Try CBD Oil.

According to Canine Journal, the Oil is a safe and effective natural therapy to calm stressed-out dogs. Make sure that the has less than 0.3 % THC and is derived from organic hemp that is free of toxins. Consult your vet for correct dosage and product recommendations.

For safety on July 4th celebrations:

It is best to leave your pets at home if you are attending parties, fireworks and other festivities.

If you are hosting the celebrations, contain your pet in an escape-proof room or cage. Check your fence for any holes or gaps in case your pet does get out and tries to head North or South.

Make sure that you post signs on exit doors so your guests do not accidentally allow a pet to escape as they leave.

Keep sparklers, glow sticks, fireworks, charcoal and kabob skewers away from curious pets, says the AVMA.

Keep pets away from hot barbecue grills.

Too much Sun and heat can be deadly for animals. Make sure that if your pets are outdoors, there is plenty of shade and water nearby.

Never leave your pets in a hot car because the vehicle heats up quickly.

After the celebration, check your backyard for firework debris and food scraps before letting your pet outside.

Have a safe and sane 4th of July!

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