Locking Down Economy “Indirectly Killing Americans”

President Trump had a “very tough choice” to make when deciding to work to reopen the economy at a time when coronavirus deaths continue to grow, but had to deal with the fact that locking the economy down “indirectly kills Americans,” Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said Monday. 

We are trying to simultaneously protect the American people from the effects of The China Virus killing them directly, but it’s also true that the lockdown indirectly kills Americans through the economic effects with higher suicide rates, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and all that,” Mr. Navarro said in a TV interview Monday, “What the President has been trying to do is to thread that needle, and really, it is the most difficult decision that a President’s ever had to make.”

Mr. Navarro pointed out that the original projections (from Drs Doom) were that up to 2-M Americans would die if no mitigation or containment efforts were made.

CDC provisional COVID-19 death counts revised downward to 37,308 on 1 May 2020!

Mr. Navarro also said President Trump’s comments about expecting a C-19 vaccine by the year’s end could happen, because “we said we could do it faster in ‘Trump Time’.

I do think with the horse race going on now for the vaccine, for five different firms, we will certainly see where we are,” he said. “What is important is that as we are doing the science at the clinical trials that we also have the production necessary so we have the pipettes in the needles and everything should we be able to administer a vaccine.”

Mr.Navarro said he has not been looking for signs that China could walk away from the promises it made in Phase 1 of the trade deal, as he has been more focused on the supply chain. 

I think what’s important for the American people to understand very clearly is China lied, people died is the slogan,” said Mr. Navarro.  

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