Like Him or Not Donald J Trump is America’s Best President Ever

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Donald J Trump a man who demands performance, and more importantly, RESULTS!

He spent his entire life in the private sector where you either produce or get you are sacked.

He is a guy who asks lots of questions, and the questions he asks are not cloaked in “political” phrases they are “Why the hell...?” or Big Questions.

He is the guy who gets hospital ships readied in 1 wk when it would have taken a bureaucrat weeks or months or never to get it done.

He is the guy who gets temporary hospitals built in 3 days.

He is the guy who gets auto industries to restructure to build ventilators in a business that is highly regulated by agencies that move like sloths.

He is the guy who asks “Why aren’t we using drugs that might work on people who are dying, what the Hell do we have to lose?” That’s a Big Q

He is the guy who restricted travel from China when the Democrats and MSM were screaming “xenophobia” and “racist.” Now they want to know why he did not react sooner?

When President Trump shut down the borders in the early days of the coronavirus, the Democrats screamed even louder. Then the rest of the world, including the EU quickly restricted travel between their own
member countries.

He is the guy who campaigned on securing the border and protecting America in the face of screaming Democrats and the liberal media. And these same leaders of the Democrat party; the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reed, Barack Hussein Obama, Maxine ‘Kinlock’ Waters, Nancy Pelosi et al… Recall all were in favor of constructing the Wall until President Trump had the guts to actually do it.

Now, a comeback might be: “Oh, he said Mexico was going to pay for it“.

Ring a bell?

Well, let me quickly set you straight. Have you compared the old 1-sided NAFTA agreement (negotiated by none other than Jimmy ‘Peanut Brain’ Carter with the new USMC agreement? Well I have, and let me tell you this: Mexico will now end up paying much more for US goods than we will for theirs, why you might ask. Well, because they are far more reliant on the US than we are on them. So, maybe not Free Trade but Fair Trade!

Yes, it will take time but the bottom line is, Mexico will end up paying for the Wall just as President Trump said.

Has President Trump made mistakes? Of course, but you cannot fault the man for being human.

Everyone I know has made mistakes and continues to make and learn from them.

President Trump is, and has accomplished more than any US President in my lifetime, and I 1st got involved in national politics in 1957.

President Trump puts in 18 to 20 hr days. He is is hiding in the Oval with his feet up on the furniture, he is out front, briefing all Americans almost every day.

According to Democrats and liberal media, when he offers hope he is lying, and when he is straight forward he should be hopeful. It is a contest situation for him every day with haters and naysayers, he is not deterred.

I like this leadership over a “polished, phony Mr. nice guy” politician who has seldom or never held a real private sector job in his/her adult life, reads prepared and “written by a speech-writer” speeches from a teleprompter and answers only pre-scripted questions selected prior to the open forum.

People that is what Barack Hussein Obama did for 8 yrs running, trying to destroy America

I am completely mystified as to why Donald J Trump has been bombarded by the MSM and liberal coastal electorate every day since mid June Y 2015 when he announced his run for the US Presidency.

And if you really believe that he is not the man to lead for the betterment of the American people, you have really got your head in the sand.

I write about President Trump daily in our political column, here is the Archive.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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