Lifestyle: Going Back to Your Office? Go Bespoke!

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“Luxury is not 1 size fits all!”--Paul Ebeling

At the heart of London-based suit-maker, Henry Herbert is its eagerness to serve its clients with the best of its service.

The Big Q: What is one wardrobe staple that every man should have?

The Big A: It is a tailored-made suit.

When one mentions suit-making, tailors in Britain are usually the Top choice for bespoke suits uniquely designed for the individual. One of such tailoring brands is Henry Herbert, a London-based firm that specializes in creating immaculate suits, shirts, and casualwear for today’s gentlemen.

Henry Herbert was founded in Y 2009 by Charlie Baker-Collinwood, and this month, Alexander Dickinson takes over as the new director of the brand. Persevering the savoir-faire of the label is paramount, and each tailor follows strictly to the highest standards of Savile Row. From start to finish, each bespoke creation is cut from an individual paper pattern, and an estimated 8-9 wks of handwork is required to complete the suit.

“We combine sustainable methods and ethically sourced materials to construct a one-of-a-kind product that is not only built to last but also built for performance. Using the finest wool, the most natural trimmings, and tailoring each garment with the most incredible attention to detail, our suits are unparalleled,” said Alexander Dickinson, Director, Henry Herbert

Every part of the bespoke suit is made in the UK. Henry Herbert works with British mills like Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Dugdales, Harrison’s, Hardy Minnis, etc. It is also a firm believer in investing in its staff, where one apprentice each year will be sponsored by the brand to build a strong foundation in sewing and tailoring skills. The brand does this to build a future generation of tailors who can continue the legacy of British tailoring.

Devoted to bringing together the innovation of technology and the traditions of Savile Row tailoring with a unique contemporary outlook, Henry Herbert offers a luxury bespoke experience while building an elegant and versatile wardrobe fit for the modern-day gentleman. The time is now to make that tailored suit you have envisioned for a long time!

For more information about Henry Herbert, visit its Instagram: @henryherbert or visit the website here.

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