Le Negresco Hotel: Nice, France

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The Hotel le Negresco is 1 of the best luxury hotels in France“– Paul Ebeling

The Hotel le Negresco has been an iconic destination on the French Riviera for more than a 100yrs. The it has some of the best rooms that Nice has to offer and features trendy and modern yet elegant décor.

You will be able to unwind and relax completely in the tranquil surrounds of this hotel as you overlook the Mediterranean sea from your suite.

The Hotel le Negresco has been a favorite of many artists and other famous people since its opening more than 100 yrs ago, you can stay in the same rooms as these people and experience the Louis XIV style décor of the exceptional suites which reminds of a time gone by.

It is the home of the Nicoise Salad, for the recipe click here.

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