Jeffrey Epstein Dead Before he Could Testify Against Clinton

 Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein wrote a will two days before he died, putting his $578 million in assets into a trust with unnamed beneficiaries, the New York Post reported Monday well may have been in fear of his life as the possibility loomed of him being forced to testify against longtime pal Bill Clinton.

Epstein, a wealthy hedge fund manager who befriended many politicians and celebrities over the years, died in prison on August 10 as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges, former President Bill Clinton was a close associate of Epstein and was a regular traveler on the “Lolita Express”. There are many reports of Clinton having spent time on his “orgy island” or though the left wing media and their close ally Google are trying to whitewash those facts.

On August 8, he signed a last will and testament filed in the Virgin Islands, where he owned a private island, transferring his wealth into “The 1953 Trust,” the Post reported.

It posted a copy of the will online showing that Epstein claimed he had more than $56.5 million in cash, equities of over $300 million as well as a fixed income of more than $14 million.

Epstein also listed six luxury properties, including in New York, Florida and Paris and more than $18 million in “aviation assets, automobiles and boats,” the Post added.

The document did not name any listed beneficiaries. Bloomberg News reported that the move could make it more difficult for Epstein’s alleged victims to sue his estate.

Several women have filed lawsuits seeking damages for sexual abuse.

Epstein was accused of trafficking girls as young as 14 for sex. He denied the charges but faced up to 45 years in jail if found guilty.

The Post’s report came as The New York Times released new details about Epstein’s final days in Manhattan’s high-security Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Citing sources, the newspaper said he hated his vermin-infested cell so much that he paid for lawyers to meet him for up to 12 hours a day in a different room.

He rarely washed and slept on the floor instead of his bed, they said.

The US Justice Department and the FBI are investigating how one of America’s most high-profile prisoners died just weeks after an apparent earlier suicide attempt.

Epstein was convicted in Florida in 2008 of paying young girls for massages but served just 13 months in jail under a secret plea deal struck with the then state prosecutor under the Bush administration.

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