“Law & Order” the Perfect Case for President Trump’s Reelection

The organizers of these riots are well funded, mobile, connected by smartphones, and supplied with food, water, weapons and baking soda to neutralize tear gas, they move around on skateboards and dish out cash to the thugs.

Not unlike the professional Deep State C-19 medical malpractice fear mongers.

I was around in the 60’s to see the race riots, and was in Milan and Paris for those Marxist communists insurrections, the police and soldiers killed rioting people then, the stopped.

Quietly there are calls for the arrest and prosecution of George Soros and his gang of tax free foundations and stripping him of his assets. We have heard nothing from substantive Biden, Pelosi and Schumer and others to calm the continuing chaos. The cities and states that are in pain are Democrat governed.

It is beyond my understanding that Hollywood is so complicit in this, it should Black List the sympathizers now nurture them.

Following the 1960’s race riots there was a voter backlash that helped carry Ronald Reagan to the Governor’s mansion of California in Y 1966 and helped win Richard Nixon the Presidency in Y 1968, as the Democrats failed to offer an alternative to cities in turmoil other than saying we needed to pour more money into the cities and let things take their course.

I expect a big voter backlash against the the Democrats in Y 2020. Democratic mayors and governors have shown themselves incapable of governing. Whatever sympathy they had at 1st for demonstrators has been lost as small business stores burned, large department stores looted, national monuments defaced.

The Floyd death is a catastrophe for Democrats nation wide.For the most part America’s journalists and opinion writers are fanning the flame that will burn down an already suicidal Democrat party.

The are reinforcing President Trump’s base in an election that will be won on turnout. The theme Law & Order!

President Trump’s supporters, Republican, conservative Democrats and independents will turn up the polls, and that includes Latinos and Blacks.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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