LaneAxis, a Disruptive Freight Management System

LaneAxis, a Disruptive Freight Management System

Over the past few years I have been following with great interest the passionate innovation of US freight logistics expert Rick Burnett.

Rick has brought forth a simple, scale-able Virtual Freight Management System that puts the information and cost under the command of the shippers’

Rick and his Team has developed a simple desktop, mobile app that delivers efficiencies spanning the supply chain A to Zed, meaning from Shippers to Carriers to Drivers to Receivers.

LaneAxis technology is a virtual freight management network that is transparent and allows shippers and carriers to more effectively and efficiently transact all of the intricate business details that must be addressed in the moving of freight around the nation and eventually the world.

The system provides shippers real-time data reports, in-transit GPS tracking, and digital Proof of Delivery on every load from pick up to dilevery.

LaneAxis fully automates Carrier & Driver compliance with Shipper requirements and federal regulations, including tracking CSA scores, thus benefit all parties to the transactions within the network.

Additional advantages include: load availability and lessening disputes over timeliness of priority shipping deadlines.

LaneAxis’ technology give its users immediate and direct secure data transmission between Shipper, Carrier and Driver in the most efficient manner know to the transportation industry today.

This is how it works

LaneAxis employs a direct, proprietary, patent pending< model to provide A to Zed load transparency and visibility.

Transparency and direct visibility allows Shippers to create a virtual in-house carrier network visible in real time

The LaneAxis technology manages the virtual in-house relationship for all in-network Shippers, Carriers, and Drivers.

Once registered with LaneAxis, in a simple 3-step process, Shippers will enjoy almost full automation of all Key functions in the Shipper-Carrier relationship.

  1. Drivers accept the Shipper contract electronically.
  2. Insurance, compliance, and CSA issues are managed and monitored electronically.
  3. Load pickup, transit, and delivery, are monitored electronically. And any unexpected issues occurring during transport are able to be managed electronically.
  4. At each critical point along the way, an on-demand report featuring every metric needed to be/stay compliant, confident, and headache-free is transmitted in real time..

Registration is FREE for the Shipper and the Carrier.

There are no expensive front-loaded fees or charges required to begin using the the LaneAxis system.

Also, there are no risky software overhauls or time-consuming training sessions required, the LaneAxis system is very intuitive, it is what the industry does daily but now it is fully automated and easy to use.

The Big Q: Why is LaneAxis so important to the transportation industry?

The Big A: As in any business, controlling costs is a Key component of profitability.

The LaneAxis technology reduces the costs of doing business by providing the critical information and data necessary to be able to make marginal improvements instantaneously to management at all levels of freight movement.

Historically the freight transportation industry relied on 3rd Party Logistics Brokers to manage the coordination and movement of the freight from pickup to delivery.

What that ancient system created is what Rick Burnett calls a “black hole” of lost information, goods, and hidden costs that add to the cost of moving freight.

Recognizing that problem several years ago, Rick set out to solve the problems, all of the problems.

And now nearly 10yrs later we have the debut of his LaneAxis freight management system.

Rick’s innovative good work eliminates the need for expensive 3PL Brokers by providing the direct access to the carriers that are moving their freight.

The Key features of the LaneAxis technology are these, as follows:

  1. Leveraging Data and technology to transcend services of brokers/3PLs into a single, easy-to-use app
  2. Enables the shipper to build a customized  carrier network around their specific requirements
  3. It is Free to Shipper and Carrier
  4. Helps provide the visibility needed for carriers to monitor their driver CSA/Insurance compliance requirements
  5. Provides visibility into the often obscure network of small and independent carriers
  6. Immediate accident/breakdown notification
  7. Allows Shippers to quickly adjust to demand spikes
  8. Eliminates manual labor and phone calls for most key tasks
  9. Provides real time GPS and Geo Fencing Technology to monitor load movement

The Bottom Line

LaneAxis provides added value to the shipping contract transaction by allowing for the recapture up to 20% of their shipping costs.

Currently the Domestic and International Trucking Transportation industry uses fax machines, telephone calls, and other manual/paper processes to complete transactions.

And 3rd party logistic companies, brokers and other related service companies coordinate this far flung data and manage connecting shippers and carriers, all for added expense.

LaneAxis’ technology/software automates the data, making it immediately transparent, and create the efficiency of a direct shipper to carrier relationship.

Advanced computing, electronic document/data management and hand-held smart gadgets with cameras and GPS (location reporting capabilities) have now made this a possibility.

Rick Burnett’s LaneAxis innovative technology modernizes the trucking industry similar to what has happened in banking, media, and travel. His technology bring direct, effective and cost-efficient service relationship between all parties to a shipping transction.

In Rick own words: “The Fundamental purpose of the LaneAxis offer is to create a virtual marketplace to allow shippers of freight to more effectively coordinate with the carriers moving their freight by providing visibility at every step of the shipping process.

“This is accomplished through cutting edge technology that enables a virtual freight management network to exist.

“This virtual freight management network matters, because it allows the Shipper and the Carrier to interact directly, without a middleman, allowing both the shipper and the carrier to ultimately eliminate a significant cost component in the freight transportation chain.

“The Strategic Purpose is to penetrate the marketplace with a disruptive technology, and to be an early mover in a space that is attracting attention and huge investment dollars. “

In Summary

The demand in the marketplace exists for Rick’s LaneAxis solution, and LaneAxis sees an opportunity to build a vast array of offerings off of the platform to be able to produce substantial revenue and profitability both domestically and internationally.

In building this ultra-efficient business solution, I expect that he will build profitable, scale-able enterprise that directs a disruptive change in the overall freight transportation industry in the near term.

I see the development of consistent revenue that supports the expansion of the freight carrier network and further grow of the company and its ongoing technical innovations via the LaneAxis network.

By Paul Ebeling, Analyst


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