Labs in the US Cannot Keep Up With Demand for C-19 Coronavirus Testing

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A surge of nearly 4-M confirmed C-19 coronavirus infections in the US which leads the world in cases as well as deaths virus associated has crippled American labs, creating long processing delays and exacerbating fears that people without symptoms could be spreading the virus if they do not isolate.

1 of the nation’s largest testing chains has admitted it cannot keep up with demand and most patients will wait a week or longer for results.

The bottlenecks are creating problems for workers kept off the job while awaiting results, nursing homes struggling to keep the virus out and for the labs themselves as they deal with a crushing workload.

New York has been surpassed by California, though that is due to robust testing in a state with more than 2X the population of New York.

Guidelines issued by the CDC recommend that states lifting virus restrictions have a testing turnaround time of under 4 days.

The agency recently issued new recommendations against retesting most C-19 patients to confirm they have recovered.

“It is clogging up the system,” Admiral Brett Giroir, assistant health secretary, said last week.

The backbone of US testing remains at several hundred labs with high-capacity machines capable of processing thousands of samples daily. Many say they could be processing far more tests if not for global shortages of testing chemicals and other materials. Stay tuned…

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