Labor Day USA, The Last Summer Outdoor Bash

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“Celebrate Labor Day with 1 last outdoor bash, here is how to do it”— Paul Ebeling

But 1st Labor Day’s Legacy

Labor Day was born amid rising unrest over oppressive working conditions and a massive strike that threatened to turn violent.

By the late 19th Century, the Industrial Revolution had made working life miserable for people around the world.

In many places, workers toiled for at least 12 hrs a day 6 days a week in mines, factories, railroads, and mills.

Children were exploited as cheap laborers who were less likely to strike. Sweatshops locked workers in small, crowded spaces, and punished them for talking or singing as they worked.

In Washington, DC politicians sought to placate the labor movement. At the time, federal legislation to designate Labor Day a public holiday had been languishing in Congress for 10 months.

To appease the strikers and their supporters, the Senate quickly passed the bill on 22 June. The bill passed the House 4 days later and President Cleveland signed it into law on 28 June 1894.

Now let’s Celebrate!

The end of Summer deserves a sendoff with style, so I have a few ideas for feeding your family and friends, whether you are at the beach, the lake or enjoying the comforts of your own backyard.

My party ideas are worthy of the event, as follows:

The Suckling Pig Roast

For those who like to eat and cook nothing says “serious party” like a suckling pig. Any gathering with a whole pig at the center instantly becomes the event of the Summer and will be remembered and talked about.

You can go old school and dig a pit, line it with coals and light it up. But some prefer to use their smokers for a more controlled cooking experience, and flavorful results. I am old school.

The Clambake

The clambake is a New England staple, best done on the beach. Traditionally clams, mussels, lobsters are combined with sausage and corn on the cob in a pit lined with heated rocks or coal and smothered in seaweed. Not at the beach, then adapt the recipe for the backyard grill.

Use a large baking sheet that fits on your grill, pour in a cup or so of water, then cover with half of the wet seaweed. Pile the seafood and corn on Top with some lemon slices tucked throughout, then cover with the rest of the seaweed. Keep the grill on low with the lid closed, and in about 20 mins your clambake should be done. Serve with melted butter on the morning paper with cold beer.

The Taco Bar

Plan a gathering with a taco bar as the center of attraction. This option allows the host to prep ahead of time, leaving more freedom to eat, drink and party. Offer pulled pork and a beef option like our flavorful Wagyu beef barbacoa. You can also include tortilla bowls at your taco bar, and let guests load up on their favorites.

The best part of a DIY taco bar is that your guests can customize their own plates without making special requests of the kitchen. Make a few sides, like sweet corn salad with bacon, a play on the flavors of elote, the popular Mexican-style corn on the cob. 

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively