KXCO Crypto, Web3, Metaverse Beyond FTX

Despite the FTX filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, KXCO remains completely unaffected. As a real trading firm and market maker with decades of experience KXCO is built to trade through such market events.

Black swan events, high volatility and the unexpected are always a factor in trading, KXCO has seen all this before, Enron, Lehman, Dotcom Bubble, 2008 Global Financial Crisis, 911, markets require human attention:

Beware of geeks bearing formulas.

Warren Buffett

As a real world multi-discipline trading firm, our operations are designed to continue functioning, and profit from, such market events.

We are letting everyone know that we are more committed than ever to supporting the Crypto Web3 Metaverse ecosystems during this tumultuous time.

KXCO are also willing to help investors, companies and entrepreneurs who have been affected in the aftermath of the FTX disaster with investments, liquidity loans, and Market Making.

KXCO have also continued to invest and grow significantly over the past 12 months despite the overall market conditions.

The firm investments in development are spread across various areas, from the proprietary Chain, exchange and financial services.

As the FTX meltdown continues to unfold, KXCO continues to minimize the associated risks that they see developing with exchanges and some currencies, they are able to assist others in doing the same.

The firm remains focused on growth targets with prudent measures with commitment to continue providing liquidity and investment to affected parties.

About KXCO

KXCO spans the entire blockchain ecosystem ranging from a unique sophisticated blockchain with unique features (KXCO Armature™), to a Centralised-Decentralised-Exchange (KXCO Exchange) run by expert traders, to our own wallet, Metaverse and other services.

Built by a team of experienced traders, gaming specialists and IT engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, the KXCO™ was founded in 2017 and built with a mission to create a unique ecosystem for the financial savvy user.

Our operations span across the entire blockchain value chain cantered around our proprietary KXCO™ Blockchain.

We operate on a continuous basis 24/7 with a presence around of the world.


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