KXCO and Brickken Partnership

KXCO and Brick Token, S.L. (Brickken) are pleased to announce their partnership to enable global asset tokenization and decentralized fundraising through blockchain technology.

Brickken’s mission is to standardize the process of asset tokenization and tokenization services globally, and to facilitate tokenization through their decentralized application (dApp). They aim to provide confidentiality, identity, governance, and compliance to protect the tokenized assets and ensure legal and technological excellence.

The continuously growing tokenization market is expected to reach $16 trillion by 2030 in the illiquid segment alone, according to the Boston Consulting Group. In addition, the World Economic Forum predicted that up to 10% of global GDP will be managed on-chain by 2025. A similar figure was provided by banking giant HSBC, which estimates that up to 10% of all assets will be tokenized by 2030.

On the other hand, KXCO is one of Asia’s leading financial services companies with interests in Institutional investment, Private Equity, Capital Markets, Publishing, and Agriculture across the world. KXCO offers its clients solutions in relation to issuances of Digital and real word assets as well as access to Equities, OTC, Derivatives, FX and Digital Asset Trading via state-of-the-art platforms with industry best pricing. Their Global Investment Research team provides independent, original, fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, and commodities markets.

The partnership between KXCO and Brickken will enable both organizations to provide clients with access to global asset tokenization and decentralized fundraising through blockchain technology and provide new opportunities to all concerned.

Brickken’s decentralized application will enable KXCO to tokenize assets on a global scale, allowing KXCO’s clients to generate passive income.

Cointelegraph Accelerator, a startup booster that leverages Cointelegraph’s capabilities as a media and strategic partner, will support Brickken with a wide range of content, branding, marketing, education, networking and investor relations solutions. As part of the alliance, Brickken will join Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program, which was launched earlier this year.

This partnership will provide KXCO’s clients with additional tools to embrace a decentralized fundraising approach, enabling them to participate in the token economy. KXCO and Brickken share the belief in a decentralized and tokenized world, and this partnership is a step towards realizing that vision.

KXCO and Brickken look forward to a successful partnership and are excited about the possibilities it will bring for their clients.

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