Knights take Vitamin K for Top Memory

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“Vitamin K is a super-vitamin that helps to improve memory, cognitive ability, and learning”–Paul Ebeling

It has been shown that Alzheimer’s patients consumed less Vitamin K than people without. So, eat Broccoli and leafy greens. Broccoli is very high in vitamin K. It is versatile and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

Knights’ Notes: Vitamin K deficiency in adults is rare, but may occur in people taking medications that block vitamin K metabolism such as antibiotics, or in those with conditions that cause malabsorption of food and nutrients.

  • Antibiotic medicines may destroy vitamin-K-producing bacteria in the gut, thereby potentially decreasing vitamin K levels, especially if taking the medicine for more than a few weeks. People who have a poor appetite while using long-term antibiotics may be at greater risk for a deficiency, and may benefit from a vitamin K supplement.
  • Because vitamin K is fat-soluble, it is best to eat vitamin K foods with some fat to improve absorption. So, drizzle some EVO or add diced avocado to your favorite leafy green salad!
  • Vitamin K mainly promotes bone health and wound healing besides protecting the heart.
  • We already know the many benefits of fish? What we might not have realized is the rich amount of vitamin K as well. Perhaps we found another reason to load up in the succulent and flavorful baked/grilled fish!

All crypto and stock traders and investors need a keen memory!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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