Kenneth Turan’s Best Pic for 2019: ‘Ford v Ferrari


The once endangered, Hollywood intelligent film looks to be back.

The smart and splendidly crafted big-budget movie that joins a modern sensibility to traditional storytelling in a way that does not insult our intelligence is welcomed by audiences once again.

1. “Ford v Ferrari”

It is in this spirit that I am putting James Mangold’s “Ford v Ferrari” at No. 1. To be honest, I considered other, more expected options, admirable films one and all that ended up elsewhere on my list.

But finally nothing excited me so much, nothing so revived my spirits, nothing made me feel the kinds of films I love just might survive more than the one film I could not live without, and so to the Top it went.

With Team Captain Charlie Agapiou

Have some fun, see a movie this week.