Keep Kids Safe At School With Sprints New Tracker

Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced the availability of Tracker + Safe & Found. Customers can now track just about anything thanks to this small, matchbook-sized device and the Safe & Found app, only available from Sprint.

The device can easily attach to vehicles, children’s backpacks, pets, bikes, luggage and more to provide real-time location tracking.

There are countless ways to use Tracker + Safe & Found:

  • Parents of younger children who don’t yet have a wireless device can attach Tracker to their child’s backpack and receive a notification when their kids arrive at school.
  • With a handy dog collar accessory, pet owners can keep tabs on your family’s “escape artist” and get an alert if Fido runs off to go explore.
  • Small businesses can keep tabs on their vehicles and other valuable assets.
  • Concerned about lost luggage? Travelers can throw the Tracker inside their suitcases!1 Also, thanks to the light sensor, customers are notified if their luggage is opened.

Tracker + Safe & Found runs on Sprint’s nationwide 4G LTE network2 with GPS and a powerful Wi-Fi-assisted location service. Powered by the Safe & Found app, Tracker is one of the industry’s leading location and parental control platforms to provide real-time location tracking. Different from other tracking platforms, Safe & Found can simultaneously locate where the Tracker is and provide location updates for smartphones and tablets. Unlike other devices that rely solely on Bluetooth, Tracker + Safe & Found provides users location updates from miles away.

“We know that our customers value safety, security and peace of mind,” said Doug Smith, vice president of Product Marketing and Innovation. “With our new Tracker + Safe & Found, Sprint helps deliver all of the above. Users can quickly and easily know the location of and keep track of children, pets and virtually anything else they love and care about, all in a single app. It’s a great service that can help families, pet owners, small businesses and more.”

Tracker, manufactured by Coolpad, comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, and features:

  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Personalized safety zones (also known as “geo-fencing”) and notifications.
  • Water-resistant assembly.
  • Location updates even from miles away.
  • Ability to review historical data.
  • Built-in light sensor detection.
  • On-device speaker (that can make it easy to find).
  • Check-ins and other alerts.
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