Just In: Mr. Biden’s Billionaires’ Tax Plan Shredded

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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, a centrist who has forced Mr. Biden to scale back the spending package, reacted with skepticism to the billionaires tax proposal too.

Saying, “I don’t like the connotation that we are targeting different people.

A proposal to tax the assets of billionaires is now out of consideration as a way to pay for President Joe Biden’s social spending and climate plan, US House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal said Wednesday.

Instead, House lawmakers are discussing a 3% surtax on Top of the Top income rate for those earning more than $10-M, Mr. Neal said.

The Senate’s Top tax writer, Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, unveiled the idea early Wednesday, but by afternoon his House of Representatives counterpart, Mr. Neal, said the idea appeared to be too complex to succeed.

Mr. Biden’s Democrats are struggling to reach consensus on the scope of Build Back America bills worth about $3-T to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, boost social spending and fight climate change. With the narrowest of margins in Congress, and unified Republican opposition, they need near 100% agreement within the caucus to pass anything.

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