July 4th White House Celebration is an Annual Tradition, Here is How it Began

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“Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s 3rd President, was the 1st to celebrate Independence Day at the White House in 1801” — Paul Ebeling

For more than 200 YRS the White House has always played a central role in the Independence Day celebrations for the nation’s capital

Mr. Biden will host 1st responders, military service members, essential workers and their families for a cheaper than usual cookout and fireworks display on the White House lawn this July 4th, a traditional celebrations hosted by Presidents Donald Trump (45), Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Jerry Ford and others. 

More than 1,000 guests are expected to attend the national holiday event.

Here is how some past administrations celebrated the holiday

Thomas Jefferson (3) was the first to celebrate Independence Day at the White House in Y 1801. He marked the occasion with horse races, a parade and a festival, according to the White House Historical Association.

President Jefferson opened the Blue Room to citizens, diplomats, civil and military officers and chiefs of the Cherokee Nation. The festivities were accompanied by the Marine Corps Band.

The annual celebration started by President Jefferson continued throughout the 19th century.

James K. Polk, the nation’s 11th President, was 1st to introduce the annual July 4th fireworks display to Washington, according to the WHHA.

Beginning in y 1845, Polk opened the White House to an Independence Day reception each yr. Guests viewed the evening fireworks show. A newspaper proclaimed that “nothing of the kind half so brilliant was ever before seen in this city.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, allowed African American schools and churches, as well as other religious groups, to hold a picnic on the White House South Grounds during the Civil War in Y 1864. He attended as a guest.

Last year, President Trump hosted a “Salute to America” at the White House to commemorate July 4th. First responders, doctors and nurses were among guests invited to a gala on the White House South Lawn. The Marine Corps Band, flyovers, parachute jumpers and fireworks entertained attendees.  

Have a positive holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!