Job Creation Is Going to Elevate President Trump

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Record job creation in the past 4 months after the global coronavirus chaos’ low point are going to give President Trump an election boost, according to economist Steve Moore.

May, June, July and August have been the 4 biggest months of job creation in the history of the United States,” Mr. Moore said Sunday.

“We have regained over 10-M jobs in 4 months. Now, we lost 20-M, so we have 10-M to gain.”

Friday’s jobs report was a “grand slam,” Mr. Moore added.

While the unemployment rate of 8.4% is high for re-election chances, the Congressional Budget Office had expect 15 – 20% unemployment rates until the end of the year, Mr Moore said.

That’s an incredible number, given that we were at over 20% unemployment not long ago,” Mr. Moore added.

I do not think anybody saw this happening 4 months ago. It kind of left Joe Biden bummed; he does not quite know what to say in response to these very good numbers.”

The job creation, despite American cities run by Democrats remaining shuttered due to the virus chaos, is ultimately going to spur votes for President Trump, Mr. Moore continued.

I believe that Donald Trump is going to win a larger percentage of the Black vote in America than any Republican in 50 yrs,” he said. “You can mark that down. And the reason is Donald Trump is a job creator, and Donald Trump is someone who believes in public safety, keeping neighborhoods safe and secure, and keeping businesses open.

I would not be surprised if Donald Trump did not get over 25% of the Black vote. And that would be an amazing thing. If that happens he’s going to win in a landslide re-election.”

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