Its Time for US Senators to Negotiate ‘The Wall’ in Good Faith

Americans see through Senate Democrats’ efforts to thwart President Trump’s call for additional border Wall funding, as they want a secure border and they elected President Trump because he promised to keep the country safe.

“Let’s see if they can start negotiating in good faith,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R:LA) said Friday.

“I think a lot of those folks in the Senate didn’t want to negotiate because they didn’t think the House would pass this bill. But now we have done that.”

There are problems at the border every day, but the Department of Homeland Security does stop “really bad people” from coming into the United States.

“We need to have it safe,” said Mr. Scalise. “Let’s have a negotiation. President Trump has more leverage in that negotiation because the House proved we can get it done. Let’s see the figure out every tool they have to try to figure out how to get this done as well and get the bill on the President’s desk.”

Meanwhile, there are many facts that need to be confronted about building a wall, including the dozens of lawsuits that have been filed by people whose ground it would cross, Mr. Scalise acknowledged.

“President Trump, more than anybody knows how to get things done and how to build things,” said Mr. Scalise. “There is always going to be somebody standing in your way saying there is some environmentalist group that will file a lawsuit.”

Americans First!

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