Islamic Terror Attack in Melbourne the Result of Weak Politicians

Islamic Terror Attack in Melbourne the Result of Weak Politicians

Another Islamic Terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia today, while it seems an easy to blame the religion the real problem is the moronic left-wing politicians in Australia.

Political Correctness has seen a myriad of warning signs within some groups of the Islamic Community ignored, the political weakness in the country is astounding, the bleeding heart media is enough to make you want to vomit and no-one is making a move against the new normal in Australia.

Everything is under attack, from the Flag to Australia Day, the left want to change the very fabric of Australian society, not for the better, just to further their own political careers and Cultural Marxism.

This attack is directly the responsibility of the Authorities and they should be held accountable.

A white SUV rammed into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia, leaving at least 14 people injured. Police arrested two people and believe the incident was “a deliberate act,” though the driver’s motivation remains unknown.

“At this stage we believe this is a deliberate act, however, we do not yet know the motivation and it is still early stages in the investigation,” Commander Russell Barrett of Victoria Police told reporters.

Asked why police believe it was a deliberate attack, Commander Barrett reiterated that it was still “early in the investigation and motivations are unknown.” Fourteen people were taken to the hospital, and “several” are in critical condition, he said.

The incident occurred on Flinders Street between Elizabeth and Swanston streets, in front of Flinders Street Station just after 4:30pm, according to police.

The driver and the other man who were arrested remain in police custody.

Footage circulating in the local media shows two police officers dragging a man in a white shirt and blue jeans away from the passenger side of the crashed vehicle. Another video published on social media shows officers restraining him moments later, after pulling him to the side of the road. The man appears to be unconscious as officers slap his face and search his pockets. He was reportedly then handcuffed by police.

“As it (the car) approached this intersection here… it just mowed everybody down, people were flying everywhere,” Sue, a witness, told 3AW Drive.

Another witness, David, told ABC the car was going “between 60 and 100kms an hour” and “hit people in a fair speed and at least one or two of them got thrown pretty high into the air.”

Police cordoned off the area, and Flinders Lane is blocked off through to Elizabeth Street.

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