Indonesian Blockchain Spreads To Government Involvement

Dignitaries from Batam and the Indonesian Government met at the Fullerton Hotel with dClinic. To sign what is arguably the largest Blockchain project for the Southeast Asian region. A $140 million USD contract which will greatly influence the role Blockchain will play in Healthcare. Especially for providers and consumers. dClinic has engaged Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Pte Ltd as its key advisor for this project.

BP Batam Hospital, BP Batam and dClinic have officially signed contracts to deliver a number of projects in Batam, Indonesia. This will include the delivery of BMB (Batam Medical Blockchain) leveraging dClinic’s PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain). To be hosted at the upgraded BP Batam Data Centre. As part of the above projects, dClinic and BP Batam will also engage in a partnership to deliver dClinic’s program. For Wellness and Vitality at a number of retreats around Batam. The overall goal is to roll this technology across the whole of Batam and eventually, Indonesia.

Dr. Sigit Riyarto ( Director of RSBP Batam ) proudly announced, “RSBP Batam has already won a number of awards for its innovation. Working now with dClinic we aim to introduce the BMB to Batam and then to the greater Indonesia. What we can achieve through better communication with our patients will only assist the healthcare system and help bring change to way we communicate and encourage our consumers.

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