Images Show New Aussie Scam “Hi Mum”

Scammers in Australia are collecting $1 million each day, and those are only the statistics from scam cases that have been reported.

So what common scams are making these Aussies send their money out so easily? Let’s take a look.

“Hi mum”
This one begins with the text “Hi mum”, it will usually appear on whatsapp or text messages from a random number. The scammer will pretend to be this victims child and say that their phone has broken and that they are at the supermarket using another persons phone to text their parent. They will claim they are trying to fix their device and need money sent to pay for it. If the parent says to use their card and they will transfer, the scammer will claim to have misplaced their card and that they will “pay you back when i get home”.

This scam plays on the importance and love us Australians have for our children, wanting to help them urgently, all logical thinking goes out the window.