Illegal Immigration is Voters’ Top Concern

Illegal immigration is cited as the Top issue by 21% of Americans, well above the 2nd and 3rd most important topics of the suitability of President Trump (13%) and the economy (12%), according to polls released Monday by Heritage Action for America.

Heritage Action’s executive director wrote that the surveys were conducted to examine what issues motivate the coalition that elected Trump and Republican congressional majorities in Y 2016, so “we can keep that coalition together and expand it while advancing the conservative ideals we hold dear.”

He wrote, “the crucial swing voters in the middle identify the Republican Party as the party of Trump and his outsized personality instead of the party of economic progress and cultural stability.

An example of President Trump’s focus, according is shown in the survey.

  • 37% say the largest challenge illegal immigrants pose is that they overuse social services, more than 5X the 2nd-most cited challenge stated, which was taking jobs away and undermining culture, which each garnered 7%.

President Trump has not yet emphasize the problem most cited by the public.

Other results from the polls show:

  • 65% in 5 Key swing states reject single-payer healthcare, while only 27% support it.
  • In swing states, 48% said they will likely vote for the Democratic candidate, while 34% said they support President Trump and will likely vote for him. Another 16% said they are unhappy with many things President Trump says, but support many of his policies and will likely vote for him.
  • 63% say the migration problem is a national emergency, while 35% say it is not.

The poll was conducted by Basswood Research from 3-6 June among 1,200 likely voters across the nation. The margin of error is +/- 2.83%.

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