If You are Expecting President Trump to ‘Blow up’ Politically, You Will Be Disappointed

It is not impossible to evaluate the political impact of the coronavirus on President Trump’s election campaign. We can see from the Chinese experience that the incidence and impact of the disease is abating, luckily for President Xi.

The Trump Administration will not let China off the hook on its dishonesty and negligence in exporting the coronavirus to the world, misleading the world about its impact, and then claiming a huge success and boasting to engage in the extension of a humanitarian pipeline to other countries of medical supplies.

And from the information we are getting here at HeffX-LTN, the illness has turned the corner in China and that the unlimited panic that is afflicting the world’s stock exchanges every other day are unjustified.

Thanks to President Trump personally the US has acted quicker than China or Western Europe to take fast action measures in international travel, and learned from the successes and failures of the Chinese. Thus making it possible to ensure that the coronavirus declines in the US and dissipates by early Summer.

The challenge for The Trump Administration, now that the private sector is moving into action as in WWII mobilization of Y 1941, which startled the world by its massive productivity will be to protect the vulnerable Americans, halt the rise of the illness, and avoid the complete collapse of the economy, as occurred in China.

President Trump is speaking clearly, sensibly and behaving like the proven Chief Executive he is, he has placed renowned scientists on the committee chaired by Vice President Pence, and conducts press briefings together.

The President’s ultra acute political instincts have come to the forefront,as he steadily raised his game to crisp, professional group appearances where fluent and learned specialists do most of the talking. The President understands the of the basics and knows who does and has to do what.

So, as long as America performs well in dealing with the coronavirus, President Trump will be safe politically.

The polls I have seen show support for President Trump up and holding steady in here.

President Trump knew very early that this is a very serious matter that there would be no public toleration of partisanship, a lesson that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) picked up fairly quickly, but the Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) did not.

President Trump is professional, focused, and courteous. He gives straight answers to questions and following the advice of the country’s foremost authorities in relevant medical and public-health areas, and the response to the emergency is ramping up fast, at this point, faster than the new incidences of the disease.

There looks to be bipartisan support for remedial economic measures to assist the defenseless commercial victims of this nightmare, including the travel and hospitality industries and many small businesses.

This may furnish an opportunity for the administration to slide in more tax reductions, which can be justified in producing a vertiginous rebound on the upside of a steep-V recessionary plunge and return, but would also be a gratifying legacy to this crisis on Election Day, provided the country is well on its way back to normal by then,” wrote Conrad Black in an op-ed piece Wednesday.

This may well be the crisis that unites the country politically, and so all of those who thought that this medical/economic would ‘blow‘ President Trump up will be disappointed again.

Have a healthy day.

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