If Obese the Risk of Dying from COVID is 10X!

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In countries like the US where 50% of adults are overweight and obese the recorded COVID-19 mortality rates are more than 10X those in other nations, according to a report by the World Obesity Federation.

Of the 2.5-M pandemic deaths reported by the end of February, 2.2-M were in countries above the 50% mark, the study showed, suggesting obese people should be a priority groups for testing, vaccinations and of course losing weight.

Obesity has about 3X worldwide in the past 40 yrs and is on the rise all over the world. Last year the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned it is a “global pandemic in its own right.”

During the VirusCasedemic, being overweight has been associated with a higher risk of hospitalization, admission to intensive or critical care, and the need for mechanically assisted ventilation.

In the UK alone, overweight people were 67% more likely to need intensive care after contracting COVID-19. Those considered obese were 3X as likely to require ICU treatment.

Hundreds of thousands of COVID-related deaths could have been prevented if all countries had overweight prevalence below 50%, the report said.

The organization called for better obesity prevention and treatment strategies.

A vaccine/gene therapy should be developed for obesity!

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