Ian Scarffe Joins ORIGIN Metaverse Real-Estate Platform

ORIGIN Metaverse is proud to welcome expert advisor Ian Scarffe to its advisory board. As ORIGIN seeks to become the go-to marketplace to go for all metaverse land and physical real estate NFT purchases, Ian provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help ORIGIN to scale to its full potential.

Recognized as one of the leading blockchain experts, Ian is at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial industry across the globe. This ties in perfectly with the vision of ORIGIN, which seeks to not only implement a platform for digital real estate transactions, but as well diversify into including NFTs for real-life real estate.

On joining the ORIGIN board of advisors, Founder Fred Greene said, “While Goldman Sachs valued the industry at $8 trillion; without purpose and sustainability, progress and growth are without value and despite all the potential the metaverse has to offer we identified a need that enthusiasts, investors, real estate developers, and professionals, along with consumers that could not be overlooked. The possibilities for digital land and physical real estate NFT’s in the metaverse are limitless, and ORIGIN’s concept is straight on it core providing a simple, secure, and streamlined experience for users. ORIGIN will unify the metaverse, allowing it to reach its full potential for involvement, community creation, and future growth.”

Ian Scarffe – Blockchain Advisor

The metaverse has became the biggest tech trend for many users, and investors. Core to ORIGIN’s virtual real estate marketplace plan is to make metaverse land accessible to the masses. With Ian’s industry knowledge as well as valuable insight into millions of consumers, the ORIGIN team now has a key advisor who knows how to engage with their entire target audience.

Having built an impressive network of blockchain experts and established proven investor strategies, Ian will also be able to enhance the profile of the ORIGIN project. This will encourage adoption from users, ensuring the team achieves its aspirations of mass adoption.

By creating a single source of truth for all metaverse real estate and land transactions, ORIGIN seeks for the opportunities for buyers, sellers, and renters across all blockchains. From there, as blockchain technology start to evolves further more, this will move to real-world transactions as property purchasers embrace the transparency and value NFTs and smart contracts bring. With the addition of a seasoned advisor such as Ian Scarffe, it’s hard to see anything but success for this ground-breaking platform.

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Check out his website at: www.ianscarffe.com, or going to his LinkedIn
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