I Cannot Write Enough About Brain Food: Dark Chocolate is Tops

FLASH: Dark chocolate, brain food at its best!

Dark chocolate is full of neuroprotective flavonoids which benefit the health of the brain by promoting brain plasticity and helping your brain cells live longer. These flavonoids enhance cerebral blood flow which helps to improve attention span, memory, problem solving capabilities and reaction time.

The flavonoid epicatechin found in cocoa and dark chocolate helps to improve various cognitive functions.

A study I read today reveals that consumption of dark chocolate improved performance on cognitive tests which included the abstract reasoning test, the scanning and tracking test, the working memory test, the visual-spatial memory test, and the organization test.

What to do: Snack on 1.5 to 3 oz of of at least 70% dark chocolate a day to give your brain a healthy boost. Me, I enjoy a square of Organic 90% dark chocolate each and every evening after supper.

Image via: AHealthBlog

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