How to make extra money with BiOptions

Before continuing to read out the article, let’s answer the question “How many income sources do you have?”. 

You want to diversify your income sources while you can’t lengthen your time. You’re exhausted after 8 hours at work and there’s a whole bunch of things to do but you still want to make extra money? So an extra source of income must be flexible, effortless to an extent. 

BiOptions is a worth-considering source of income as it’s profitable if it’s done sensibly.

What’s BiOptions?

BiOptions is a decentralized exchange in the form of binary options. The trading platform was established in 2020 and provides a lot of amazing features of a top trading platform. BiOptions enables you to trade various cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

The trader predicts and makes a decision, if, at a certain time interval, the market will go up or down. If your prediction is correct, the trader receives a return up to 95% as per the terms agreed. For example, if the payout was 95%, the binary broker credits the trader’s account with 95% of the trading amount. Conversely, if the prediction went wrong, the trader would lose the invested money. There’s no minimum deposit and you can start trading with only $10.

Why should you choose BioOptions platform?

BiOptions contains engaging advantages of trading binary options which is now doing wonders for many traders.

–    BiOptions is a decentralized exchange in the form of binary options

–    Data on prices is taken directly from the world’s top exchanges.

–   Allows traders to analyze and predict a crypto pair’s bullish or bearish trend according to the fluctuations of the financial market and make a profit if your choice is correct.

–   Utilizing Smart Contracts on Blockchain, BiOptions creates a safe and transparent environment for trading and protecting your asset.

How to trade on BiOptions

Step 1: Register on BiOptions

The registration instruction is very clear. You can easily create an account within less than five minute without paying any registration fee.

Step 2: Practice trading with demo account

Bioptions provides a free demo account of an amount up to $10,000 for practice. You can test your investing strategy, learn new strategies and practice trading in your demo account before placing trades.

Step 3: Fund your real account

There is no minimum deposit to make a deposit fund. You can start placing orders from $1. The platform allows you to minimize the risk.

Step 4: Start trading

You need to analyze the market movements and open a position. You have to predict whether the market goes up or down. BiOptions provides a comprehensive tutorial trading video.

Step 5: Withdraw profits

The withdrawal process is super quick and convenient. The payout will be wired to your blockchain wallet within 1-24 hours.

Engaging affiliation program

The program offers 7 levels of accounts which requires a certain condition to each level. The requirement includes: 

  • Enough number of F1s
  • F1s qualifying trading volume (1000$/week / F1) 

Commission for referral policy reaches the highest rate 1% at level 2 (with 3F1) and gradually decreases from level 3 to level 7. Having said that, making money directly by trading aside,  investors can easily diversify their income just by referring this binary options exchange to others. 

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