Hong Kong Airport Reopens, China Tells US “Lay Off”

Hong Kong’s airport resumed operations Wednesday, rescheduling hundreds of flights that had been disrupted over the past 2 days as protesters clashed with riot police in a deepening crisis in the Chinese-controlled city. And rumors of China’s troops assembling at the Mainland border.

Police condemned violent acts by protesters overnight and said on Wednesday a large group had “harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist”. Some protesters said they believed one of those men was an undercover Chinese agent, while another was confirmed as a reporter from China’s Global Times newspaper

Operations at the airport were seriously disrupted as riot police used pepper spray to disperse thousands of Black-clad protesters.

Hong Kong’s Airport Authority said Wednesday it had obtained an interim court injunction to stop people from obstructing airport operations. It said protesters could only demonstrate in designated areas.

In Washington, President Trump said the Chinese government was moving troops to the border with Hong Kong and urged calm. Saying that it is a tricky situation and that he hopes no one gets hurt or killed.

As Hong Kong’s political crisis deepens, China denied a request for 2 US Navy warships to visit Hong Kong in the coming weeks, US officials said Tuesday.

Statements of apology from protesters were displayed in the airport on Wednesday, promising to allow passengers to depart, to assist medical staff to carry out their duties and not to hinder the work of the press.

We are not afraid of facing the issues directly…only afraid of losing your support to the whole movement due to our mistake, and that you give up on fighting.

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