Here are a Few More Companies for Portfolio Protection, Tune In…

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These companies all have strong cash flows and solid dividends, and they also come with our targets that are different from their fundamental analyst ratings, as they are technical, and include CFROI (cash flow return on investment analysis) to look for additional longer-term Northside.

Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has shown increasing levels of CFROI over the past 10 yrs largely due to its improvements in the NBCUniversal unit. While forecasts point to lower cash flow returns for Ys 2020 and 2021, the market already has lower its expectations.

The firm’s target price is 48 and its rating is Outperform, our technical target would is at 62.96.

Comcast stock recently closed at 39.70/share, within a 52-wk trading range of 31.71 – 47.74. Its consensus price target is at 45.10, and its dividend yield is 2.3%.

We are Neutral with a Bullish bias, and Key indicators are flashing Very Bullish in here.

The is Strong Support at 38.99 and light resistance through 47.68.

Credit Suisse and Bernstein are positive Comcast

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) stands out for its high-quality CFROI profile. The stock has attractive valuations and low market expectations.

Wall Street givs eBay as Outperform rating and has a 53 price target, but its cash flow valuations would dictate a valuation of 65/share.

While eBay has a 1.3% dividend yield. Investors also expect that eBay will be a dividend grower, and it was a stay-at-home winner in the new economy.

At 53.93/share early Thursday, eBay stock has a 52-wk range of 26.02 – 53.43, and its consensus target price is 49.48.

The Key support is at 50.57 and the resistance is Nil.

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Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE:LMT) has a very strong cash flow profile. The defense contractor’s advantages over peers and the resilience of its end markets are Key drivers here. Wall Street expectations are low relative to its forecasts, despite having clear visibility on future business. We like the stock.

Wall Street’s rating on Lockheed Martin is Neutral with a Bearish bias, but the 433 price target is North of is 360.42 Thursday price. The valuation is nearly 700 relative to it cash flow..

Lockheed Martin pays a 2.6% dividend. Its 52-wk trading range is 266.11 – 442.53, and the consensus target price was at 433.72.

The Key support is at 376.48 and the major resistance is at 402.11 in here.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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