Health: Stop Worrying

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Seems that we all worry about anything that might have a negative impact on us, our health, emotional well-being and that of our loved ones“– Paul Ebeling

Negative emotions are often stronger than positive 1s. They are easily available in our minds and it is more difficult to brush them aside. This is known as a negativity bias. Our brain is built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news. .

Our brain weighs negative input so heavily because it is trying to keep us out of harm’s way. From an evolutionary point of view, this negativity bias is necessary for our survival as a species. Since we were cavemen, we would only trust what and who we know. We would worry about what we could eat, which animals to run away from, and more.

Our goal is not to eliminate negative thoughts and worries completely, excessive optimism is not the answer but rather the midpoint.

The Big Q: Why worry?

The Big A: To some extent worrying is positive because it encourages us to take action in difficult situations. Some researchers even view worrying as a problem-solving activity that can increase or decrease their worrying depending on their confidence level in problem-solving.

Generally speaking we can say that we worry too much about uncertain things and things we cannot solve. The best thing is to try to avoid the negative aspects of life taking charge of the positive because it is in these cases we start suffering from acute to chronic stress.

Most of the time when we worry, nothing bad happens and we worry for no reason.

Seems that not worrying is frowned upon. If we do not worry then we do not seem to care about anything, or are not involved or responsible.

Society drives us to worry.


  • Worrying makes us feel bad because we think that we are not doing anything to solve the problem.
  • It makes us feel good because we think we are helping to solve it.

In the long run, none of these premises work. Excessive worry generates anxiety and blocks us from really doing something to solve the problem constructively.

Plus, most of the time, we worry about uncontrollable things, which we try to control leading us in a circle

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!