Health: Real Food Will Help Improve Your Life

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We should all know that eating well is important for our physical health, but it is also essential for healthy brain function” — Paul Ebeling

Anything and everything that we put into our bodies affects us.

Healthy eating plans bring good results, but unhealthy eating habits: be it undereating, overeating, or eating poorly can cause some unwanted side-effects.

Undereating may cause fatigue, fainting and dizziness, dehydration, low blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms, not being able to withstand cold, and abnormal blood count and the list goes on.

Overeating is not any better for our bodies. Body pains and difficulties with physical activities, breathing problems, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and the list goes on.

Poor nutrition can not only lead to physical health issues, but also emotional problems including negative self-esteem and self-image, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

So, the 1st thing you need to do is recognize that the way you are eating is unhealthy and might bring you some very severe consequences. After recognizing the problem think of ways to get rid of the problem and think of the root of the problem and why.

Then begin to add healthy choices to your eating plan step by step. It can be small changes but they will go far. Eat a well-balanced diet with all types of nutrients.

Ultra-processed foods have little or no real food components. They have ingredients added to improve shelf-life or product texture, or to achieve a specific synthetic color or flavor. Manufacturers often make these processed foods with heat treatments and chemical processing that strip out nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber. They usually contain added ingredients like excess iodized salt and sugar, dough conditioners, preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial colors.

When you eat processed foods, you are displacing healthy real foods from your diet. Over time processed foods will negatively influence your health. And many eat a lot of processed foods. A recent study found that children and adolescents get 67& of their calories from ultra-processed food.

Processed foods can be especially harmful to people with chronic health problems. For example, if you have heart, liver or kidney disease, you might need to be cautious with processed foods that have excess salt. If you have diabetes, you might need to read food labels for added sugar content.

Eating real foods can help you live a long, healthy life. Shift your eating plan away from nutrient-poor processed foods and make room for healthy plant Non-GMO and grass fed Organic animal foods.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively