Health: Nature’s Medicine Vs Man’s Poison

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God did not create drugstores, People got medicine from nature, mostly from plants”–Paul Ebeling

Botany, the study of plants, started out as an arm of medicine. To this day, many people around the world still get their medicine from plants. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people in the world use traditional remedies instead of modern pharmaceuticals for many reasons because they prefer them, or because pharmaceuticals are too expensive or difficult to get.   

Plants are full of chemicals, 1s that they produce themselves. They do not make them for us to use medicinally. Plants cannot move around like we do, so they use chemicals to accomplish a lot of their most basic life functions, everything from fighting off predators to communicating to reproducing. Smart? Yes! 

Medicinal plants come in all shapes and sizes. Some grow at the tops of mountains; others in jungles; still others, in deep ocean. Probably some of the weeds growing in your yard, fields, or even cracks in your sidewalk are medicinal. Many of the plants you ingest regularly in food and drink have medicinal properties. There a different kind of drugstore, a vital, ancient and all around us.

Nature’s Medicine:1. Fasting  2. Sunlight  3. Sleep  4. Nature  5. Real food  6. Exercise  7. Heat/Cold  8. Salt  9. Magnesium  10. Grounding  11. Meditation  12. Laughter

Man’s Poison: 1. vegetable oils 2. sugar 3. refined carbohydrates 4. processed food 5. Rx medication errors 6. stress 7. lack of sleep 8. lack of exercise 9. lack of fasting 10.lack of sunlight

Note: Health benefits of calorie restriction: Sustained caloric restriction without malnutrition reduces markers of inflammation and aging in mice and humans.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively