Health: I cannot say enough about good coffee!

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“If you are like me, you really like good coffee. Whether dining out or making an espresso at home, coffee is my favorite dring along with good water” — Paul Ebeling

A study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience explains how caffeine has a positive effect on our long-term memory.

The Key way that caffeine works is that it blocks a chemical called adenosine, which is what helps you feel awake and alert, and can also help improve memory.

Our brains are made up of up to 85% water, which is why it can be sensitive to little changes.

As little as 2% water loss can cause memory loss and weaken other cognitive functions; concentration, attention, learning, processing speed, and more.

Remember that coffee can dehydrate us, so it is important we drink water too. I drink 10ACITY it is 3XH and does not fight with my espresso.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively