Health: Green Tea Extract Promotes Brain Connectivity

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Green tea extract increased the working memory induced modulation of connectivity from the right superior parietal lobule to the middle frontal gyrus.

Notably, the magnitude of green tea induced increase in parieto-frontal connectivity positively correlated with improvement in task performance.

Researchers have found that an extract of green tea increases the effective connectivity of the brain, which means the causal influence that 1 area of the brain exerts over another area. This connectivity effect also resulted in actual cognitive performance improvement. Individuals tested much better for tasks of working memory after the green tea extract was administered.

Healthy male participants consumed a soft drink that contained some green tea extract before working memory tasks were solved. The researchers then analyzed how this impacted their brain activity making use of MRI. The MRI showed an increase in connectivity between the brain’s parietal and frontal cortex.

These neuronal results correlated positively with task performance improvement. The results also reveal that green tea could increase the brain’s short-term synaptic plasticity.

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